søndag 24. januar 2016

Weekend stitches.

No finishes this weekend, but a lot in the making... My low volume plus quilt is turned into a spring tablerunner, and is under the sewing machine right now, as there is some quilting going on.
Not much scraps after this project, as I made some slabs that will result in mugrugs or whatever. 
The paper pieced star block has been quilted tonight, only the binding and the washing remain.

And I have been playing with improv birds today. I found something very interesting on the web...

Link to Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitches.

Denne helga har vore prega av forkjøling og during i hovudet. Eg har prøvd å kose meg med litt sying. 
Ha ei fin veke!

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Tusen takk for tilbakemeldinga di! Thank you for your reply!