søndag 4. juni 2017

Monthly goal of June.

Some update on Life is Beautiful. As I reached the May goal of finishing stitching, I have decided to go on with this quilt and try to finish the quilt top within June. I don't think I will use the quilt as you go method for this quilt, even though that's an option in the pattern. 
Now I feel safe with the method of reverse applique on machine (read previous post), and I am not afraid of quilting bigger quilts on machine either.

But all the same I have to do some more stitching when talking, travelling, looking at TV and so on, therefore I have pulled out another similar quilt, with Norwegian text, designed Wollf and Juul. This quilt has a major stitchery in the middle, which I finished years ago... the rest has rest in peace up to this moment... It's rather strange how these quilts still appeal to me, even after my more modern revolution the last years.

Link to Kathty's Quilts, Slow Sunday Stitches 


Elm Street Quilts, One Monthly Goal.

Då har eg drege fram stoff som eg har samla til monteringa av Life is Beautiful, og har som mål for juni å gjere ferdig denne toppen. 
Elles har eg og funne fram Alle fugler av Wollf og Juul (sjå link over), som eg begynte på i ein av sjukdomsperiodane mine. Då broderte eg det store midtstykket. Resten har lege gøymt i kassa til no. Det er utruleg godt å ty til eit stitchery i ledige stunder når ein ikkje har maskina innan rekkevidde. Og eit godt tips er no å "preppe" rikeleg, slik at ein ikkje går tom...

Ha ei fin pinse!

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  1. Så fine blokker og herlige sticherier! Ja, det godt å ha noe håndsøm i bakhånd. :-) God pinse! :-)

  2. Your Life is beautiful is very pretty. If we make something that we love, it will hopefully appeal to us for a lifetime.

  3. Very nice! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  4. Lovely embroidering and I love that combination of embroidery with patchwork. Happy Stitching!


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