onsdag 6. januar 2016

Ufo 1/2016 done!

36 patch finish yesterday,

 Click on the link and see the beginning, the year is 2011!

Funny to read Helene Juul's comment, she is looking forward to see the finished result (02.08.11)


And here is the finish. Now it has been in the washing mashine,  not entirely dried yet, but I had to take advantage of the daylight in clear weather today.

Crazy Mom is a great blog with many sewalongs and tutorials. She ran the 36 patch sew along the year she turned 36, and I joined her on this journey, using old fabrics only.
 Go pay her a visit!

The quilt was longarm quilted by Laila Skauge in March 2012, I think it was one of her first customer quilts she made, and she did wonderful work! Go pay her a visit, she has some great plans for this year!

Link to Freshly Pieced.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Så nydelig det ble. Ja, ikke alltid ting blir ferdig med en gang. Noe forandrer seg underveis også.

  2. Gratulerer med ferdig teppe. Det blei veldig fint!

  3. Striking and beautiful! Your accuracy in piecing those tiny little squares is amazing!

  4. Its simple but the every other square thing is quite effective.


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