søndag 10. januar 2016

Sew alongs and more fun!

Her er ei lita oversikt over ting eg syslar med for tida. Sjekk gjerne linkane og bli inspirert!

Finally I had some time to sew this weekend. I have joined Laila in a low volume plus quilt sew along. These blocks are for sure addictive! Look here at Laila's blog for more info, in case you would like to join too. I have tested out the mini version, and will go for that in the first project.  And after that I have a plan...

 Together with Turid I have joined a Scandibee sew along. The first queen bee has asked for a couple of "slabs", and here I have done som testing. This one will be for myself. I will try to follow along the rainbow scrap challenge, the colour for January is blue. Maybe I will make a couple of slabs each month, as I have quite a big amount of scraps, and it is so enjoyable to "make one's own" fabric from scraps.

I have also tried paper foundation piecing without touching the paper. I have never done this before. I will show you how to do this in a future blog post. This is a Mini, and is quilted in a big spiral.
This will be finished tonight as I follow Mammon on TV.
This is in the category "learining new things", which I want to do all the time...

Denyse Schmidt's old fabric line Katie Jump Rope has been released once more, and I had a kick off transaction with Etsy to get these very cheerful and wonderful fabrics. 
But now I have bought enough fabric for many months, and will not buy anything for 6 months. Sorry you nice shop ladies out there.....

Sew my Stash 2016!  This is an Instagram happening. I like it. I will do it. I will not just collect and cherish my fabric, I will make nice things from them.

I'll  quote Leah Day: "Until next time, let's go quilt"!

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  1. Great fabrics! Can you really not buy fabric for 6 months??? LOL

  2. Her var det mykje flott. Lurer på korleis du kan quilte medan du ser på tv. Nydeleg blokk blei det, og fin quilting. I morgon skal eg starte på første blokka i Scandibee.

  3. Flotte blokker :-) Gleder meg til å se mer :-)

  4. Flotte blokker :-) Gleder meg til å se mer :-)

  5. Cute blocks! I too have been buying fabric but I really must stop. I need to use more of it!!

  6. Fine blokker....gleder meg til å se mer....


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