mandag 19. mai 2014

The Civil War Diary Quilt, more blocks

#83, Soldiers Ladies Aid Society
June 7, 1861

Rebecca Loraine Richmond: "Pleasant. Spent a portion of the forenoon and afternoon at the hall with a few ladies, staying on till the last article for the soldiers was finished. The work accomplished by the ladies at the Hall is as follows, a large quantity of lint and bandages, nine hundred harelocks, white linen coverings for the cap furnished with a cape for protection against the sun, eight hundred housewives, little bags containing sewing apparatus, such as needle book, pincushion, thread, buttons etc, twenty hospital shirts, and a number of bed ticks for the use of the soldiers while quartered in our city...."

This block consists of 67 pieces, and is rather time consuming.

#80, Old Abe Lincoln

#29, Remembrances

#24, Merchantable Goods

#46, Late dispatches, Letters and Papers

#79, Bolts of fabric

#15, Draft Threat

#120, The Farce of Reconstruction

#17, Harassment

#54, Visit to Town

#33, Sewing

#18, Texas Rangers

#102, Flag of Truce

#51, Sad and Lonely Days

#23, Death Penalty

#64, Lincolnites Whipped

#34, Southern Flags and Patriotism

#30, Troops Arriving

#95, Catherine Island

#32, Church

#65, Love Letter

PUHHH! Det var mange blokker i CWD som eg ikkje har posta tidlegare. 

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