tirsdag 13. mai 2014

Anni Downs, part 2

Today I will show pictures from Kathrine's shop and show and tell.
This mini quilt is gorgeous!

Two famous Norwegian quilters and bloggers, May Britt and Hanne.

  My blog friend Grethe, so nice to meet her in person!

Helle Løvenskiold and myself. She is a famous quilt teacher, always energic and perhaps even more smiling and laughing and talking than me... 

Anni is writing a nice greeting in my book!

Her er bilete frå Vis og fortel på Voksen kirke, og Kathrine sin butikk. Der var utruleg mange freistingar!

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  1. Åååå var du der ? Voksen Kirke og Kathrines....Det var jeg også........


Tusen takk for tilbakemeldinga di! Thank you for your reply!