lørdag 26. april 2014

Taking Charge of the School

April 1862, Susie King Taylor:

...."He said Captain Whitmore had spoken to him of me, and that he was pleased to hear of my being so capable, etc, and wished me to take charge of a school for the children on the island. I told him I would gladly do so, if I could have some books. He said I should have them, and in a week or two I received two large boxes of books and testaments from the North. I had about forty children to teach, beside a number of adults who came to me nights, all of them so eager to learn to read, to read above anything else.".....

Well, I'm back on track on the Civil War Diary quilt, and as a symbol of myself being back to school teaching after 16 months break because of severe illness, I chose this block as a heading of the post.

I have made a pile of blocks this week. The blocks are so special to make, so it is an advantage to make many of them at a time. And now that I'm testing my new sewing machine, this is a win win situation (although other projects are at wait).

Block 43: Hateful Old Thieves

Block 44: Confederate Flag

Block 45: Arrest Order

Block 100: Regiment Landed

Block 119: Feverish Excitement

Block 42: Parlor Activities

72 blocks finished, 49 to go...

Kjekt å prøve ut nyemaskina på desse blokkene med mange små bitar. Eg er veldig fornøgd med maskina! Ho går som ein draum, og di meir eg syr, di meir finessar lærer eg. 

Ha ei fin helg!

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  1. Bravo, Elin! Your blocks are gorgeous! When I saw your Taking Charge of the school - block I remembered that I wrote in my CWD diary, that my version of it is too big and I should resewn it! Hmmm... but I also remember that it was REALLY tricky block to make... so I think it may stay as it is now... too big or not;o) I'm also really happy, that you are back at the work!!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy!
    Good to hear that you are back at school :-)

  3. All these blocks look complicated, but the story behind them is really interesting. Getting back to school must be such a big step towards a better future!

  4. Gratulerer med ny maskin "det fortjener du". Mange fine blokker.

  5. Heisann! Lekre blokker! Gøy å se du holder koken med disse CW blokkene, og godt å høre du er tilbake i jobb. Grattis med ny maskin ;-) Tenker meg en tur opp i Voksen kirke torsdag kveld, så da sees vi sannsynligvis ;-) Klem xxx


Tusen takk for tilbakemeldinga di! Thank you for your reply!